Palace of Eight Spires

An old elven tower on an island by a headland on the eastern shores of Conenia.
A curse prevents elves from entering the area without great pain and half-elves can manage to enter but attract attention from the creatures within.
It was created as a library with different ways of storing knowledge under the 4 towers

Currently investigated by the Riders of Dath

- The Brass Tower is where the League of Nordia have established a base. Has a door that talks and is made of brass 100 ft tall
- The Spire of Souls is a squat building where many experiments were performed on non-elf humanoids about death. Many were turned to stone on the first floor, other experiments were performed with mirrors on the 1st floor and there are catacombs below with many spirits and connections to the shadowfell. A creature known as Bellas the Bright watches over it from below with servants from the shadowfell.

Half of the spires are stuck in the shadowfell, ethereal or another otherly world, rumoured to hold great treasures and ancient lore.

Palace of Eight Spires

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